What is Bitcoin, Litecoin, crypto currency?

It's a digital form of digital money that exists in an Internet wide ledger called a blockchain.

How do I get some?

You can buy it, win it, earn it, get it from a friend, mine it.

You'll need a wallet, you can get them online, offline or a mixture of the two, personally I use Electrum, this wallet is a mixture of the two allowing you to get hold of your Bitcoin relitively easily in case of computer failure.

Try to win some at Freebitco.in, you basically spin a wheel to get free Bitcoin, you can also try gambling to win more, even use their site as a wallet, I've played on here for years and never had a problem.

Isn't 1 Bitcoin worth thousands of dollars? I can't afford that.

Correct, 1 Bitcoin is equal to n dollars, just like 1 gold bar is equal to n dollars, luckily both can be divided up an incredible amount.

How can I learn more?

Bitcoin.org, Bitcointalk, Reddit.

We'll also update this page when we get more time, oh and Litecoin, pretty much the same as Bitcoin, only a little liter...